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Enjoy this extended message given to me by Spirit as we begin this exciting new decade!

All the years of future plans made in the past have culminated to a distinct energy pattern in the present. Much may seem unfulfilled. This has caused a fluctuation in the receiving stream of Source energy, causing confusion and uncertainty.


The difficulty in knowing what is supposed to be is a result of a pathway clogged with old desires unfulfilled. All the “I wish,” “I should have,” “if only” judgments stand in the way of all that is to BE at this moment. 


You molded the present energy with the desires of the past. Even though plans may have not all blossomed, your “wanting” shaped the energy into what it is now.


At the dawn of a new decade, the collective personal consciousness is ready to set in motion a fast-paced, wild ride into parts unknown. Although unknown, it has a familiar, knowing pattern. It will feel right. It will feel like you are supposed to be there and here. There and here are the same because there are no more future projections.

You are to look at what is NOW and know that the present is and was well planned.


You must go inward to be of service outward. It is about how you come to the plate. It’s knowing that your pleas and preparations for change have been heard and answered, whether or not you have physical proof. It is the time of saying, “I am whole as I presently am.”


Recognize your individual presence as a pillar. This pillar supports all that you are with strength and unfaltering assurance. It does not matter if you are at a high or low point in energy. It is all fuel to be used. The perfect energy supports the questioning energy, which is all energy with equal strength.


You are now to connect with individuality. Your personal existence must be recognized for you to be part of any larger plan. Your individual pillar is support for the greater whole. It is time to allow the pillar to be supportive. How? By recognizing that it exists. You. One support. As it is now. Crucial to the foundation.


All past and future plans converge right now to make your unique circumstance in the present. Your perception of this moment is to be eliminated to allow the next moment to come through. Do not be stuck on one perception – Bad or Good – or the “AND” will not emerge. “It’s bad AND it gets better.” “It’s good AND it grows.”


Perception with “AND” keeps the pillar strong. Be ready for the ride into the new decade just by being.


Your pillar supports just as all pillars support you.


May you know your strength and your individual importance so you may BE as you exist.

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