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As a Spirit Messenger, Susan receives and gives information from energy frequencies beyond the human plane, and she translates this information to understandable messages that are relevant to everyday existence.


With her ability to see, hear, and sense energy—through the guidance of her Master Council, and in collaboration with your guides, angels, and departed loved ones—Susan receives information that is directly related to your life in present time.  

As a result, she accesses higher frequencies and lays out a plan for you as given directly from Source. This information helps you understand your life’s journey, gives insight into your everyday life, and brings forth opportunities to optimize your abilities.  


A solutions-focused reading with Susan will help you gain clarity in the daily activities of your conscious life, as well as uncover unconscious blocks that prevent you from taking action toward your desired outcomes. During a reading, she allows your energy to inform her what needs to be acknowledged in the moment, making it an incredibly personal and spontaneous experience. 

Heal with Susan no matter where you live ...
She works remotely with clients from all over the world—
or host Susan at your location and let Synergy Oasis come to you.

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