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Synergy Oasis

The Center for Mind, Body and Soul


Synergy Oasis is a welcome respite where natural self-healing is encouraged. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Susan Bova, the Center is located in south suburban Chicago. Dr. Bova also works with clients remotely by phone. She uses her

unique intuitive gifts in the following practice specialties:


In 1990, Dr. Susan Bova had the literal shock of her life when she was struck by lightning. Though she survived the experience, it left her with numerous health issues, and she felt the need to explore options beyond the limits of Western medicine. Her calling to learn alternate methods of healing led her to energy medicine—a specialized modality that treats the entire person rather than merely the individual parts.


The experience of being struck by lightning not only had a profound effect on Susan's health, but on her sensory gifts as well—she immediately began seeing, sensing, and knowing things that were unexplainable by science. Not understanding what was happening to her, she sought answers from sources outside the ordinary. Through the guidance of mentors and with direct communication with her own spirit-world guides and master teachers, Susan embraced the incredble gifts that were given to her and began offering intuitive counseling to her clients.


Lightning Leads to Hypnosis & Higher Education

After the lightning melted her fillings, Susan required dental repairs. This is when she discovered to her dismay that she had become intolerant to conventional anesthetics, leading her to utilize hypnosis. The ability of the subconscious mind to create ideal conditions—and last beyond a hypnotic state—convinced Susan that she needed to learn to help others with the same approach. Now, after two decades as an experienced hypnotherapist, Susan takes pride in her unique techniques that address the specific needs of her clients, as well as thoughtful programs applicable to a broad range of people.


Susan's quest to acquire as much knowledge as possible about alternative wellness modalities led her to earn a doctorate in holistic health science. This degree followed her previously attained master's in human services/ counseling, as well as bachelor’s degrees in psychology and business administration, and an associate’s degree in sign language interpreting.


Uniquely Qualified & Chosen to Guide

Along with her formal studies, Susan’s gifts of healing on an energetic level, her ability to bypass the conscious, critical mind, and her fine-tuned sixth-sensory perception makes her uniquely qualified to guide others in their own healing journeys. Understanding that there is much more than what one can experience through the five senses alone—and living beyond the five-sensory world herself every day—Susan uses her gifts to encourage others to tap into their higher existence.


Susan is certain she was chosen to inspire others to find their greater sense of purpose. At Synergy Oasis, The Center for Mind, Body and Soul, she does this by offering energy medicine, hypnosis, and intuitive counseling to those who seek her expertise. She also travels throughout the US and abroad to bring her unique messages of inspiration, healing, and empowerment to individuals and groups.

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