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M E E T   S U S A N

I was always the child with the overactive imagination, enthusiastically inventing games, constantly writing and telling empassioned stories. It all came easily to me. And just as easily, it disappeared with my desire to fit in and be like everyone else. Secretly, I always knew there was more to life than what the eye could see, but I kept that instinct to myself for fear of being made fun of or misunderstood.

Fast forward ...


As an adult, I was struck by lightning. I was, of course, grateful to survive, and I was filled with even more gratitude when I discovered the experience had given me a magical glimpse back into that world of endless possibilities.


When I realized that “other world” was real and not just for peeking into and glimpsing every now and then, a portal opened and I was welcomed to access that realm I felt so connected to in my earlier years, only now with more clarity and understanding. It was vast! It was alive. What’s more, it was now accessible at all times.


What exists beyond this portal?


A wealth of wisdom waiting to be known to those willing to receive it. Here, ideas go beyond the imagination, beyond the ordinary five-sensory world. There is information about everything, about every human and soul—past, present, and future.


With access to this layer of our existence, I now have a mission to reach multitudes—as a visionary, seer, healer, and speaker—to motivate, educate, and inspire them to go beyond the ordinary, to explore endless possibilities, and to experience the Universe beyond the five senses.


I invite all who wish to live their lives more fully—and to be more connected to the Divine that is within and all around us—to enter the sixth-sensory world and journey with me Beyond 5.

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