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S P E A K I N G   &   I N T E R V I E W S

Dr. Susan Bova

loves giving empowering, life-changing presentations to a wide range of audiences.

Her interactive in-person talks and radio/podcast interviews feature the following topics and can be tailored to suit the needs of the host, group, or organization who will be attending and/or listening to Susan's inspiring and engaging program.

What do you do when you know something has to change and you don’t know what or how? 


Find what drives you to be your best and

Discover a Better You.


Susan will show how to find your focus and determination, then ignite the fire to get you to DO something.

Do you feel you’re lacking purpose and seek validation? 


Turn ordinary into extraordinary and

Go Beyond.


Susan will demonstrate how to identify attributes that keep the fire burning—and how to become acquainted with your skills, abilities, and knowledge that you may not know exist.

Have you ever felt "not good enough" even though you know there's potential inside you? 


Learn to say “yes” to what you love and

Welcome Unlimited Possibilities.


Susan will give you the tools to recognize and claim what you already possess and use it to your greatest ability.

Do you know how to recognize when

your intuition calls to you? 


Go beyond the 5 senses and

Embrace 6th Sensory Living.


Susan will teach you how to reach beyond your present state and expand the boundaries until no boundaries exist.

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